Guitar Lessons

I have been teaching musicians all over the world from all different backgrounds and ages for the past 4 years. No matter what level you are, my main goal is always in allowing you to experience music to its full. So wether that means learning your favourite songs, studying music theory, improvisation, songwriting, performance techniques etc... I can help you reach your goals as a musician. 

Below are some options to book a private lesson, some free learning resources for you and coming soon, my first downloadable lesson package for guitarists. 

online or Private Lesson

Book a lesson with me. It doesn't matter if you're in Edinburgh, Australia or anywhere between; thanks to Skype I teach guitarists from all over the world. Read my testimonials below!


Free lessons

Some guitar licks with TAB as well as some of my favourite exercises and warmups to get you ready for your practice session or gig.


Lesson Pack 1

My first downloadable lesson pack... coming soon!


Kind words from a few of my recent students


"Rhys shows you what you need to get to where you want. He tailors the lesson specifically to what you’re trying learn. It’s amazing what I’ve achieved in the past months taking lessons with him. I couldn’t be more happy that I made the decision to take lessons with him.”

-Darren C. Singapore.

“Rhys is an outstanding teacher and the lessons are simply the best. He keeps the lessons fun and engaging, which makes you walk away from the lesson with a feeling of accomplishment. Hell, Rhys even makes theory thrilling! I've been taking lessons for a bit more than a year and I can play and understand music in a way I couldn't imagine possible when I started out.”

-Rikard K., Stockholm, Sweden.


"I have been taking lessons with Rhys for a few months now and I would definitely recommend his teaching. Each lesson is well organised and is at a great pace to suit my learning. He is always welcoming and friendly which makes it more laid back and enjoyable. What I think is great is that Rhys is genuinely interested in my progress and plans everything based on my personal preference.

- Matthew M., Edinburgh, Scotland.


"Rhys has by far been the best guitar teacher I've every had. He is extremely engaging and plans every lesson based on what i want to learn. He is always available to answer my questions and goes beyond by sending me video demonstrations. I highly recommend taking lessons with him if you want to see improvement in your playing and become more knowledgable about guitar!" 

-Blake R., Madrid, Spain.


"I've been taking lessons from Rhys for over a year now and there's never a dull moment. My playing has improved significantly with Rhys' guidance. He's helped me understand and apply the theory and techniques used  by some of my favourite guitarists such as John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Scott Henderson and Stevie Ray Vaughan." 

- Luke D., Melbourne, Australia.


"Rhys is a talented and well-versed musician and educator. He is very good at breaking down technique and tailoring lesson to keep me motivated and get to where I want to be as a musician." 

- Douglas B., Chicago, Illinois.


"As someone fairly new to improvisation, learning Rhys' approach to the instrument seriously opened up my imagination and my playing. His focus on fostering creativity now informs my practising and I'm a much better player for having lessons with him."

- Sam P., London, United Kingdom

“I’ve been playing guitar for a long time, but am self-taught and wanted to understand more theory. Rhys has been very patient and informative in helping me pursue this. He is an excellent teacher — warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I was sceptical about doing guitar lessons over the internet, but it has not been a problem at all. If you’re looking to improve your guitar playing at any level, I highly recommend Rhys.”

-Roi D., London, United Kingdom


"Rhys is a charismatic and creative tutor who manages to work in an engaging way even with the most challenging and disengaged participants." 

- Jed Milroy, Tinderbox Project Manager, Scotland, United Kingdom