About me

Hey! I'm a 23 year old guitarist based in Edinburgh and currently working on writing and recording my own material. Throughout the years, I've worked as a session musician, helping out songwriters and artists, as well as performing all over the U.K with various acts and have also been teaching guitar/applied music theory and improvisation all over the world for the last 4 years.


I picked up the guitar when I was around 12 because I managed to learn how to play the infamous 'Wonderwall' quicker than everyone else in my first high school music guitar lesson... romantic, right?! Thanks to on placement student music teacher "Mr Dennis" for the encouragement with this great feat! The love I ignited for this instrument quickly grew and I now find myself teaching, collaborating, playing and working and meeting with musicians from all over the world.


What happened between then and now?

Shortly after wonderwall..

I started to take guitar lessons, got all my grades in high school and when I was 17, I went to college to pursue a degree in music. I started my degree not really knowing what it was that I wanted to focus on other than playing tunes by people like Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani. Thanks to a brilliant guitarist and mentor named Scott Hannah, I got interested in the magic of musical improvisation! Suddenly, I began to study jazz, funk, soul and blues guitar, which was at the same time, helping me develop my musical voice. I started my own blues/funk band based on this new musical endeavour but that didn't work out so I began playing with various bands in Edinburgh and started working with songwriters as a wingman.   


Fast forward to my final year of college


I had taken improvisation on my guitar to a whole new level in the past 3 years of studying and had began to look at music improvisation in different contexts. This lead to my dissertation Music Improvisation: Finding a New Home in The 20th Century which explored the history, uses, techniques and benefits of music improvisation in different contexts, including Music Therapy. 

During my time at college, I studied Improvisation, Jazz, Performance, Community Music, Music Teaching, Music Business, Recording Techniques and eventually got my BMus in Music. College was a great experience and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to study with some great musicians, notably Malcolm Macfarlane; one of my favourite players! By this time I had already been playing regularly, doing sessions and teaching worldwide. 


NOw what am I up to?


I am working on my first EP and hope to have it completed my 2020!

Aside from that, I'm playing in a few bands in Edinburgh and teaching. If you're interested in taking lessons, feel free to check out more by clicking here. In addition, I'm travelling as much as I can and you can find out about this on my blog or via this Instagram page !

If you want to stay up to date with my musical ongoings, follow me on my music Instagram by clicking here.


Have a good day!