Gear List


D'Angelico Excel ss

Fantastic guitar, super comfortable to play! I love the C shaped neck and how versatile the pickups are. Currently using this as my main axe because it gives me a nice warm tone suited to more contemporary jazz. It sounds amain through my DV Mark Jazz 12.

D’Angelico EXL-1

My full blown jazz box! This guitar is incredible. Slim neck and a fully hollow body, this thing sings and is quickly becoming my favourite guitar. I particularly like the acoustic response it has, I feel like every note really blooms.

Ibanez jsm1o

John Scofield signature hollow body Ibanez. I love it so much, it's one of my most used guitars. Great for anything between jazz and rock.

Fender american standard stratocaster 2012

The first guitar I bought myself when I was still in high school! I love playing this guitar. Fit with Fender Custom shop fat 50s and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge.


Fender American Elite telecaster 

Slick and modern! I was on the look for a telecaster that has some of the vintage look; binding etc but was more modern. What drew me to this was the incredible finish! I think it’s called “aged cherry burst”. The neck is what made me stay; it’s a C shape that goes into a modern D shape for great access all over the neck.

Shergold Masquerader SM01

The Shergold SM01SD Masquerader 1 has its solid mahogany body loaded and solid rosewood neck with a USA-made Seymour Duncan SP90 and TB4 Humbucker pickup configuration. What a beast! The neck is unlike anything I've ever played. Fantastic work from Patrick James Eggle and his team. 

faith venus hi gloss

Really modern sounding acoustic with solid rosewood back and sides and flamed maple binding. Sounds great, feel great and looks stunning. Can't fault Patrick James Eggle's design and craftsmanship. 



Keeley D&M Drive, Ibanez Mini Tube Screamer, Wampler Dual Fusion, Cornerstone Sparkle Drive.

Delay and Reverb

Keeley Caverns, TC Nova Delay.


Boss OC3, TC Sub n UP.


Hotone Soulpress volume/wah/expression, Line 6 m5 multi effects, Electro Harmonix Freeze, TC Ditto Looper, TC Spark Boost, Dunlop High Gain Volume and Crybaby Wah, Pigtronix Germanium Philosopher’s Tone Compressor.


Voodoolab iso5


Supro 1699r statesman


DV Mark Jazz 12


Hawk Picks, Covenant Cables, d’addario Strings.